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Adelina Petcan

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Colier argint 925, lungime 41 cm

Colectia Basics

Sterling Silver Necklace, length 41cm

Basics Collection 


Adelina Petcan a absolvit in 2019 programul de Master de la facultatea de Arte si Design Konstfack, departamentul de bijuterie, din Stockholm, Suedia. Adelina abordeaza bijuteria din perspectiva comunicarii vizuale si cauta sa adreseze problematica privat/public a bijuteriei si accesoriilor intr-un mediu social.


Adelina Petcan has completed her Masters Degree from Konstfack University of Crafts, Art and Design in Jewellery in 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. In her practice she deals with jewellery as visual communication and seeks to address the problematics of private and public when it comes to bodily adornment in the social sphere.