Ioana Cabuz reflected a lot on the powerful intimacy with herself in those moments when she closes her eyes to go to sleep and right before she opens them to start her day. Those are moments of the highest binding with the true nature of the feelings that are waiting patiently during the day to be noticed, to be taken care of. She meets with these feelings every evening and every morning in that timeless rich space. They link her to her body and through her body she can understand them better.

She set in place rituals for these encounters with herself, rituals that accompany her through her process. Sometimes she lights a scented candle or she takes a bubbly bath, other times she stares at the ceiling and sits in that feeling, whatever it is. Choosing sleeping clothes is not accidental, either. At least not for Ioana. They often portray the way she feels inside and other times she uses them as a recovery ritual. Some hug her as soon as she puts them on, others feel like she is not wearing anything at all. Sometimes sleeping clothes take her back to when she was a little girl in comfy pajamas. Lately, most of the times she really wants to embody the image of the woman she saw countless times moving around the house in a long silky nightdress – her mother.

Starting and building SOLLUNA brand is Ioana's way of honoring this intimacy and everything that comes with it; it is about seeing all these bits and pieces in herself, one at a time. So far it’s been a rewarding process of meeting and working with people who feel the same and who felt inspired to contribute to this idea. Together they nurtured to life this space of expressing feelings through sleeping clothes. These first objects are just the beginning, there is a lot more to explore.

Are you in for hide and seek? Notice with Solluna the play of light and shadow, of tying and untying knots, of covering and uncovering parts of ourselves.