Axa Porcelain

Passion runs in the family, directly from Alba Iulia

Small at first, only 3 people in a small room, manufacturing porcelain products upon their own designs. This was back in 1991, a year of trial and error for most of the Romanian new privately-owned companies. 

In their passion, they celebrated each success, small or big, each new member to their team, each new collection of beautiful, white porcelain. They kept going ahead on the road chosen, as their name also states – Axa – a straight line.

They are still a family today. A bigger one, of about 60 members, working in a space more than 100 times larger than the one we started in. But this is what usually happens to businesses that keep going in the right direction, following their passion. They are still based in their home city of Alba Iulia, a place well-known for the production of porcelain.